The difference in the 3 separate sales we often host on sale day as follows:

1.    First sale of the day, is the Loose sale. Horses are run in sale ring on the loose by our staff and run out after sold, on the loose and penned in pens by our staff. NO one can be in the sale ring in Loose horse sale with exception of our sale ring men. The Auctioneer will read off a brief description of your horse and his pedigree if its read.. NO pre-consignments, all horses sold in order delivered to yards. Unload Loose on WEST end of yards. Loose horses can be delivered Friday from 1 PM to 7 PM AND on sale day from 8 AM to 12:30 PM.

2.    Sale 2, is the Catalogue sale(IF held). Extensive advertising is done on this sale and a catalogue is printed, mailed out and posted on our website.  There is a extra $40 fee to catalogue your horse.  See our website for details.

3.    Sale 3, or Open Consignment Sale  follows the catalogue for those of you that want to lead or ride your horse in but decide you do not want to pay the catalogue fee or do not know for sure if you will be able to sell on the date, or need your check on sale day.

CHECKS ARE ISSUED on sale day for both Loose and Non-Catalgoued Sales.  Catalogue checks go out 5 days after the sale when all paper work with registration papers & expenses are proofed.


Be sure to email us if you would like our up-to-date notice on horse sale dates or reports – info [at] sdhorsesales [dot] com or TEXT us at 605-770-5813.