Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need Health? - All OUT-OF-STATE horses are also required to have a Health Certificate. Our Attending Veterinarian is available to write a Health Certificate for out of state Buyers purchases at no charge. South Dakota Customers DO NOT need a health.


3. Registration Papers not in your name? No problem. Fill out the Buyer section of the transfer to you from prior owner AND attach a second transfer and fill out the SELLER section of 2nd transfer. NO additional fee. You can get Transfers off our website under link: FORMS

4. Can I talk to the owner of the horse consigned? - No – to insure all horses will be on the premises for the sale and not pre-sold, we Do NOT give out consignors phone numbers. Most folks drive many hours to come to the sale for specific horses and expect them to be here for inspection and buying when they arrive!

5. When can I expect payment of the horse I sold? -SALE DAY checks for Loose and Open Consignment Checks are ready for pickup shortly after sold. CATALOGUE HORSE SALE Checks will be in the mail 4 or 5 days after the sale..

6. Can I bring horses in before sale day? - Yes on Friday from 1 pm - 6 pm,. Loose Horses accepted to yards till 6:00 pm on Friday prior to sale day – and again Sale Day from 8 AM to 1 PM. . Feed for overnight loose horses is $4 each

7. STALLS are available at $18 each for overnite catalogue horses – includes bag of woodchips. Please reserve prior to sale. Ho No charge for sale day use for stallions, broodmares with foals at side and weanlings. Outside pens are reserved for loose horses and rope cattle at no cost. .

8. IF I am from Out-of-State, Do I need a Letter of Credit if I am selling a horse in order to write a check , YES as you may no sale the horse and we would not be able to deduct the funds due.

9. Do I need to bring feed for Catalogue horses? Yes, but not for loose horses.

10. Loose horses are automatically feed and watered and charged $4 each.

11. What is the Commission charge? 8.5% with a minimum charge of $40. Cattle commission is $13 per head. NO SALE fee is the same as minimum commission fee.