Sale Schedule

  • AUGUST 20
  • OCTOBER 15




The difference in the 3 separate sales we usually host on sale day as follows:


1.      First sale of the day, is the Loose sale.  Horses are run in sale ring on the loose and run out on the loose and penned in pens by our staff.  NO one can be in the sale ring in Loose horse sale with exception of our sale ring men.  Our staff will take care of your horses once they are loaded, get to sale ring & pen after sold. The Auctioneer will read off a brief description of your horse and his pedigree if its registered.


2.      Sale 2, (IF HELD), is the Catalogue sale.  Extensive advertising is done on this sale and the horses registered pedigree along with footnotes is include.  A very professional catalogue is printed, mailed out and posted on our website.  There is a extra $60 fee to catalogue your horse.  See our website for details.  Our customers across the nation look forward to reading the sale catalogue and shopping for their new horse.  Horses are catalogue and sold in order consignments are received in the mail. For consignment forms click on our link and read terms carefully.


3.      Sale 3, Open Consignment Sale,  follows the catalogue sale (if one is hosted)  OR if not,  following the Loose Sale - for those of you that want to lead or ride your horse in but did  decide to late that you wanted to sell your horse or wanted your check on sale day.  You are responsible to bring your horse to the sale ring and tie back up or put in stall in Buyer viewing area once it is sold.  You can receive a earlier selling turn in that sale by emailing us your name, address and brief footnotes on the horse.  NO fee and No fee if you need to cancel out.


**Please note that due to unpredictable inclement weather in November & March, a Catalogue sale is not held.


CHECKS ARE ISSUED on sale day for both Loose and Non-Catalogued Sales.  Catalogue checks go out 5 days after the sale when all paper work with registration papers are proofed.


Be sure to email us if you would like our up to date notice on horse sale dates or reports –  info [at] sdhorsesales [dot] com or TEXT us at 605-770-5813.

Catalog Deadline is 2 weeks prior to the sale. NOTICE: consignments received close to deadline date will be near the end of the catalogue. Horses are sold in the order they are consigned. For early selling lot number consign 5 to 6 weeks prior to the sale.